DeadNice Campers offers an extensive range of services to the camper van, motorhome owner. Full servicing and maintenance to new and old conversions, including mechanical maintenance and servicing to the base vehicle.

DNC offers innovative design and build solutions, creating bespoke practical solutions to suit your vehicle and lifestyle and can source high quality parts at competitive prices.

Our conversion services range from the smallest, simplest designs up to complex detailed projects.

Whether it be;

A holiday trailer giving you the option to "hitch up and go", keeping your camping equipment "at the ready" with the luxuries of a 12v system, fridge, gas cooker, on board hot water and awning. Also catering for larger vehicles with a greater towing capacity, an adventure trailer can be built to suit your needs, carrying extra equipment such as canoes, kayaks, and bikes etc…

A multi-purpose vehicle, giving you the flexibility to transform your daily run about into a holiday adventure vehicle when you need it.

Brand new vehicles, converted sympathetically to an individual's taste and needs supporting easy access, warmth and convenience needed from your mobile home from home.

Older vehicles to suit the enthusiast who wants to holiday in a piece of motoring history and visit shows and meetings around the country and abroad.

All the way up to a 32 ton+ ridged body trucks for long term expedition use, boasting a fully off grid solar powered energy system, filtrated water storage, multiple birth options, garage and equipment storage in a conversion offering comfort and convenience for long distance travelling.

With the diverse selection of vehicles available today, the possibilities become endless…

There really isn't much regarding holidaying in and around a vehicle of your choice to suit your budget that DeadNice campers wouldn't get excited about. After all when we go on holiday a relaxing adventure with the freedom to pick and choose your destination is what we all want.

The Workshops


DNC operates a small cottage industry business which has grown through "word of mouth" over the years and so its workshops have grown too.

A wood shop for the build of all the vehicles interior units and panelling, DNC builds all of its own systems, ensuring maximum storage capacity and strength, resulting in a squeak and rattle free conversion.

An engineering shop for the fabrication of bespoke steel, stainless steel and aluminium products such as roof racks, ladders, storage systems, trailers etc. as well as a fully operational garage for all vehicle servicing and maintenance.