Portfolio - Leyland Daf 4x4 Motorhome

Leyland Daf 4x4 Motorhome

The T244 truck is a brilliant choice of vehicle for the larger camper/motorhome/overland base truck and the reason for this is obvious when you look at what you get for the money etc….and not only that but has some superior benefits over newer more expensive base vehicles aside the price. The Leyland Daf has all the refinements needed for comfortable travel and of course minor alterations to the cab like uprated seats and sound insulation bring it all home. Power steering and a 5 speed gearbox with hi/lo range and diff lock make operating the vehicle simple and talking simple is exactly where the Daf makes leaps into the reason why this vehicle is so good…….traveling overseas and into the unknown is one thing but maintaining a vehicle is another! As a vehicle mechanic I have always wondered about being in the Sahara or the Urals and having a computer based issue with an ECU, diagnostics are simple enough but from experience it’s not always simple after you’ve located the fault, the Daf has no Electrickery!!! 5.9ltr Cummins diesel engine, basic reliable drive train and a simple air brake system and that’s it. A good basic understanding of these systems and some spares is all you need confidently.

So let me begin with the rest, the rest being what I have used and done to achieve the conversion I believe to be quite something and certainly not what you’d expect to see inside an overland truck.

From the get go I’ve kept it simple, firstly with the truck and then the conversion. Although I say simple there is actually a lot of tech on board but you will see where I’m going….

Off road capability and comfort.

5.3m 2.4m is actually quite a large amount of space. Especially when the cab is utilised as a double bedroom.

This vehicle is a seven birth, two doubles, 3 bunks

Full 12v system with 690 amp/hrs and half a tonne of water puts you in the off grid for a fair while region.

Truma 150 solar array system and intelligent charging system protects and maintains your electric system.

A Hot water system fired by gas, a log burner and a hot water solar panel.

Full shower and toilet wet room with green and composting outlets.

Waste holding tank

Water filtrating system for drinking

Wine cellar

Bluetooth surround sound systems and integrated cinema in the cabs double bedroom

Log store

Table to seat 6


Kit storage, under vehicle organised into kit specific units and lockable.

160 lts of additional fuel storage

Roof rack, awning and external lights, bike carrier, boat rack.


18mm engineered oak flooring

All the furniture is built from 15mm beech ply and jointed using pocket hole jig and polyurethane glues.

50mm of insulation all round laminated in between aluminium composite and marine ply.

Solid oak worktops, gas oven/grill, 3way fridge and 4 burner hob.

Stainless barrel sink and ample kitchen storage.

Reversing camera, spots and reverse spots.

28mm argon double glazing.

Spare tire winch

Fold out stairs

This built started in February 2016 and it’s not yet complete.